Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School= Amazed by WBT!

This morning I arrived at school with butterflies in my stomach. I had a to-do list a mile long, which I completed by 7:35! I had never introduced Whole Brain Teaching strategies in September before but boy was I amazed!

As soon as the announcements went off, I began the 4 sentences to introduce WBT!Teacher: Let me see your hands folded and your eyes on me!Teacher: My name is Mrs. Harrell and I love your 2nd grade smilesTeacher: When I say "Class", you say "Yes". "Class"Students: "Yes"Teacher: However I say "Class", you will say "Yes". "Hey, Class, Class!"Students: "Hey, Yes, Yes"

Immediately, I could see my students smiling and thinking we were playing a game. I continued with Mirrors, Scoreboard, Rule #1, Hands and EyesTeach-Okay....all by 9:00. The class kept saying, "This whole brain teaching stuff is fun!" My class was even able to grasp SWITCH when teaching each other! I had them high five each other when teaching and say SWITCH. They were little sponges and just kept soaking up WBT so I kept giving it. Even though things I had planned for tomorrow were taught today, it's okay with me. We will review and practice good/bad WBT strategies!

I was so happy with how my class was doing that I opened my door so other teachers could hear! I continued throughout the day, teaching the remainder of the rules, playing the name game, and teaching ten finger woo and it's cool.

It's going to be a great year with Whole Brain Teaching....I can already tell!

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