Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's Talk about me Monday....a day late!

As the summer winds down, I have totally been slacking on blogging. There is just too much to do before the 1st day I'm allowed in my classroom. I've been reading through the blogs and learning a lot about fellow bloggers so I'm teaming up for Let's Talk About me Monday! Sorry it's a day late but better late than never, right?

1. I have always been obsessed with school. When I was little, I just to play school with my dad. I graduated high school in 2003 with Perfect Attendance K-12! Yes, I did check out to go to doctor's appointments etc., but I always came back to school.

2. In college, I was in the Only All-Female Corps of Cadets in the entire WORLD! Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership, VWIL, taught me so many wonderful lessons and provided me with amazing opportunities. I was the Sergeant Major my junior year! I was able to march in New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade 3 years in a row! The picture below is when we marched in the Governor's Inaugural Parade in Williamsburg, VA (I'm in the yellow sash with the saber). Rain and all...we were there marching!

3. I met my sweet husband, Brack, in college. He attended VMI...just up the road from my college. Our relationship has been through many hills because of the military training, distance, etc. but we are stronger than ever! I am so lucky to have him!

4. I am a bit obsessive compulsive! Ha! A bit is a total understatement. At least this OCD helps me stay organized. In my classroom, everything is labeled: from student book boxes, math manipulatives, student supplies, etc. My kids know exactly where to put something once they use it!

                                Last year's library, each bucket labeled by topic, not level!

5. I have 3 adorable pet babies: 1 gray kitty Scooter and two German Shepherd girls Zoe and Zega. My pets are my life and are treated like children! Spoiled is an understatement. Zoe and Zega are very well trained and are about to start Advanced Class at Petsmart!

          Scooter                                      Zoe                                                      Zega

6. I love love love teaching! In college, I was planning on going in the Air Force as a navigator. God worked his miracles and things changed. Immediately I knew to turn to my childhood love of learning and help children learn too! This will be my 7th year of teaching, 5 of which have been in 2nd grade. I have been in 3 schools, the current one I hope to stay in until I retire in 25+ years! I am so lucky to be on a supportive team...we work so well together and think of the best possible ways to help our students succeed.

7. On another teaching note, I have begun the amazing journey down the Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) road! My whole mindset about teaching has changed! Hopefully, I will be able to get my classroom video approved to be a Level 5: Certified Instructor this year! If you don't know about WBT, you are missing out! Check out the website to learn more! We also have WBT Facebook pages.

8. I love doing projects! This can be things for my classroom, my house, whatever! I always want to be doing something and can't stand sitting around doing nothing. What better way than to make things. Pinterest is my best friend!

9. As you can probably tell, I am OBSESSED with ladybugs. I don't know what it is about them but I just think they are peaceful little creatures. My class loves to call each other ladybugs too! Even the boys like ladybugs or boybugs at the end of the year!

10. I love technology and helping others understand technology! Many people create something and don't like to share...not me! I guess that's the teacher in me!

11. In college, I was in charge of Physical Training. I ran so much I got sick of it. Now, I'm getting back into that running mode and am so excited! I am running in the Zombie 5k in October with some girls from work. I'm hoping to maybe do a 10K in the spring. 5k...easy peasy, 10K...my goal! Marathon...no way! I'd get bored!

Well, that's all I can think of for now! Thanks for stopping by. If you aren't a follow of my FB page, please stop by. I'm at 150 followers and once I get 200, I'll post another FREEBIE!

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