Monday, July 8, 2013

Wow....I thought I was good at technology! Technology Conference Day 1

Technology Conference Day 1:

I am officially obsessed with technology but I was MIND blown today during the first session of Technology training. I attended A Hodge-Podge of Educational Technology and was scared that I wasn't going to learn anything new. Boy was I wrong! Here are some of the things that I learned about. Some of them, I already knew but I learned more steps to take to make my life easier.

1. You tube: Everyone knows about You Tube but did you know about Mr. Parr's videos? He has created a Science song for lots of the curriculum.

2. Pandora Radio Online: I have used Pandora on my phone but the leader of this training said to use Pandora on the computer as a timer. Tell the kids, you have until this song is over to answer questions 1-5. It keeps the students quiet because they want to listen to the song and it keeps the students focused.

3. Remind101: A free tool used in the classroom for teachers to send text messages to parents and students. You can keep track of which parents have viewed the text and you can document when you send texts to parents and students. Plus, you don't have to use your personal phone to text.

4. Google Docs: Forget about Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel....Google Docs has taken over! I really enjoyed the forms and made a form for my parents to take on Back to School Night and for my students to take on the first day of school.

5. Skype: Everyone also knows about skype but I didn't know there was a website for just teachers to search for other teachers to Skype with.

6. QR Codes: I have seen the QR codes on TPT and have wondered how I could incorporate this into my classroom. Here are just a few ways to do this (and I'm sure there are many more ways):
-Oral Book reports: You can record a child with a voice recording app below and then print a QR code. Next, you could print the QR code and paste them on the back of your classroom library books. That way, a child can determine whether or not they want to read a book by scanning the QR code and hearing another child's summary.
-Positive Support Sayings: Make QR codes for comments you would tell your students such as Good Job, Keep Up the Good Work, etc. If a child is doing well or needs a reminder, you can tell them to go scan QR #2.
-Scavenger Hunts around the classroom
-Test Review: post QR codes around my classroom and have the students scan the codes in groups and come up with the correct answer together.
-You Tube/Websites: Make QR codes to link to You Tube videos or other websites

Here is a QR Code example to show you how it works: Scan this with your smart phone :)

7. Voice Recording: Record your students with an oral book report, project, etc. Then link them to websites, QR codes, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

8. Tiny URL: Take a huge URL that students have to type for testing or when in a computer lab, and then shrink it down so it's easier for students to type into the computer.

If you have any questions about this or know of any other ways to use these great technology tools, please comment below. Check them out...I promise, you won't be sorry!

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