Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Technology Conference Day 2: Awesome again!

Day 2 of the Franklin County Technology Conference:

Today's conference started off with an amazing guest speaker, Heather Askea. She is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher who is now an ITRT in Wise County, VA. When you think you're going to hear a technology person talk all day, you begin to worry that you will get bored. Nope, not with Heather. She was great! Heather really knew how to keep the teachers entertained and engaged!

  Here are some things I got from her presentation:
  •  "If we teach today’s students and we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” –John Dewey
  •  The brain hasn’t changed how it takes in information. What has changed is our exposure and what gets our attention.
  • Any teacher that can be replaced with a computer, deserves to be.” –David Thornburg
  •   It’s not about the technology, it’s how you use the technology.

 Cool Idea that I have never thought of before: have students throw koosh balls to throw @ the Smart board to hit the right answer.

· Heather continued her presentation and talked about innovative teachers. Here is what she said:
  "Inovative teachers have the courage to step out and try something different."
o   Thoughtful planner
§  Using pacing and curriculum guides
§  Thinks through the lesson design process
§  Turns the classroom into a learning laboratory and trying new things
o   User of Data
§  Integrate high-technology with low-technology (paint stick with yes/no or chemical/physical change on paper plates) together
§  Quizlet.com: create online questions, quizzes, etc.
§  Rubistar.4teachers.org: Rubric database and generator
§  PollEverywhere.com
o   Adventurer
§  Willing to try new strategies and tools
§  Allow students to take the lead: they are afraid of taking the lead and not knowing too!
§  Looks for the “best of the new”:
§  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: educatorstechnology.com
o  Great Twitter sites (I'm not into Twitter yet....)
§  #iste
§  #vste
§  #edchat

Check out Heather's website, you might learn something new!

Questions for you:
1. Do you use twitter? If you do, how do you use it? I can't decide if I want another social media on my plate.
2. Have you used any of these technology websites?
3. Do you have any additional websites you love?

Happy summer everyone!
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