Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer deals are in full swing

I'm on the search for some great deals for my class again! Here are the newest ad links of deals you can't pass up. I've even included some of the key items that I will be buying. These sales are for 7/14-7/20.

~25 cents for Pencil boxes. (Our grade level requests that each child bring in the zipper pouch but they take up so much room. I love these pencil boxes for skinny markers and colored pencils! These will be a purchase of mine this week for sure!)
~$1.00 for Dry erase boards, 
~25 cents for RoseArt crayons 
~25 cents for Glue bottles 

~Crayon deals for 50 cents is only Sunday and Monday.
~$3.00 for 4/pk of Expo markers
~$1.00 for 12/pk Crayola colored pencils
~$1.00 for 4/pk of Highlighters
~25 cents Glue bottles
~25 cents for 4/pk Office Max glue sticks

~25 cents Pencil Sharpeners
~25 cents for notebook paper
~50 cents for rulers 

Many of the stores have the same sales going on this week! I know it's a month before school starts but I'd rather stock up now instead of waiting and having to pay more.

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