Monday, July 22, 2013

Power Pix are finished and they're going on the website!!!

Holy Moly! I'm so excited right now! I just finalized the 2nd grade science and social studies power pix. After forwarding the email to Nancy Stoltenberg, my WBT mentor, Nancy said my power pix are going on the WBT website! If you have other science or social studies power pix, please forward them to your mentor so we can create a database of these power pix to share with everyone!

My power pix are aligned to the Virginia Curriculum, which is SOL focused. In Virginia, we do not follow Common Core. However, I believe these words are essential to teach all 2nd graders. If there are science or social studies words I am missing that are part of Common Core I am more than happy to add them to the list. On the WBT website, the power pix have the SOL strand taken out so you can add your own!

Check them out below:

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