Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie Making Made Easy with ipads

I have been scared to have my students create movies themselves in my classroom. Sure, I would video them and put these videos up for them to see but I did not know how to make it possible for students to create their own videos. At the technology conference, I learned that it is really easy for students to make the video with very little assistance from me.

To plan the video: .

This is a brainstorming/planning app that is free. You can create a flow chart, export it and save it as a jpg. Then you can save it in your picture file on your ipad. The reason this is needed is if you want students to give an oral presentation, they can use their popplet as their notes during the video.

Movie Apps: The 2 movie apps that we used were imovie and videolicious. Both had great components. imovie is $4.99 but cheaper in the volume discount store. Videolicous is FREE!

imovie: Creates short, 30-45 second movie trailors or you can create your own project too. 

  • You can insert images from your photo library and it prompts you through the entire planning.Very very simple,
  • If you need to get move photos, press the home button on the ipad, take more photos, and click back on imovie. It will bring you back to where you were in your imovie.
  • Once students are finished, they can send the imovie into drop box. I have not used dropbox but every teacher said it was very easy. I will probably have my students send the video into our shared drive for kids.

  Videolicious: This is a super, super easy movie maker.

  • You will choose pictures you want to use in your video. 
  • Once you press record, it will count down 3, 2, 1. Then, the program will begin and it will video the student first. This is where they can say " Hi, my name is _______. This is my video of blank." 
  • Next, the child will click on the image they want, which is presented on the screen. Their picture will still be on the screen too but during the video, the image will be showing and their voice will be heard. They can describe the image, which would be great for a famous person presentation, a life cycle description etc. 
  • When they want to move to the next picture, they click it and then describe it orally. Once they are finished, they click stop and then finished! This is great, and it's free!

I have so many wonderful ideas to use imovie and videolicious in my classroom. Now, I just need a class set of ipads! Any ideas how I can make this happen?

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