Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday Made-It which took 5 days to complete!

Another project for Monday Made-It complete! Too bad it to ok 5 days and I posted it on a Tuesday :0/

My Monday, whoops Tuesday, Made-It has nothing to do with school. I have less than one month left and I am trying so hard to get my To-Do list finished. One major thing that was needed to be completed was to build an 8x8 shed in my backyard. My husband and I ordered the kit and put built it together. I love that we can complete projects together but looking back on it, I'd probably have paid the additional $500.00 to have someone build it for us. 5 days of labor (4 hours for 3 days because my husband was going into work at 3, and 2 full days). Check out our progress....

Day 1: Leveled the ground using 2 inch blocks and 8 inch blocks. This took FOREVER!

Day 2: Put down the floor, framed the walls. My dog Zoe was fascinated by this new thing in our back yard.

Day 3: Put up the walls and started framing for the roof.

My mother-in-law came in and painted for me! My back door looked AWFUL. It was white and all the trim was scratched horribly! Now, I absolutely love the black doors!

Day 4: Rained but we were able to put up the wood on the roof. I don't count this day because it was not productive...crazy rain!

Day 5: Put shingles on the roof. 

Day 6: Put on the vinyl and painted the front door.  What do you think of the finished shed?

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