Friday, July 12, 2013

I've been nominated....yippee!

I have learned so many great ideas through reading other teacher's blogs. I have had this blog since March, 2013 and have really enjoyed connecting with fellow teachers around the world. Since school is out for the summer, I have been actively blogging a couple times a week, which has been really fun to do! Today, I was so excited to hear that Lauren De Wees nominated me for a Liebster Award! Check out Lauren's blog at The Traveling Teacher

The "Rules" to Accept the Award: Link back to the blog that nominated me
 Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
 Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator
 Share 11 random facts about yourself
 Create 11 questions for your nominees
 Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them

Lauren's Questions:
1. What song describes your personality?
I think "We are Family" because I treat my students as if they are my own children. Many times throughout my teaching career, I have thought back to previous students and my heart warms just as if they were my flesh and blood.
2. What is one item in your classroom that you could not live without?
I really love having a smartboard in my classroom. I used to hate teaching with an overhead projector but I would so that students could see the document or project we were discussing. Now that we have smartboards, I think they are one of the best educational tools on the market. 
3. How did you end up teaching at the school you are at?
I was teaching in Fredericksburg, VA when my husband and I first got married. My husband accepted a job in my hometown so I had to leave my school mid-year to move across the state of Virginia. Luckily, there was a Title-1 position in my school that I applied for and I got the job. I taught in Title-1 for 2 years but really wanted to have my own classroom again. Last year was my first year back in 2nd grade and I couldn't be happier!
4. If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be?
In college, I was going to be a navigator in the Air Force. I think if I wasn't a teacher, I would probably either have went in the Air Force or would continue my education to become a School Psychologist.
5. What is your favorite hobby outside of school?
I love to do crafts. This can be anything from wood working crafts, to scrapbooking, to photography, to wreath making. Anything that has me using items from Michaels, or the craft department, gets me excited!
6. What is your favorite unit/concept to teach?
Second grade is a great curriculum so I have two, Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. There are so many fun crafts that I can include in my lessons which get the students excited about learning!
7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
I would love to live at the beach, away from everyone else, with my own private island. It would be amazing to be able to sit with my feet in the sand and no one to bother me. That would be my paradise!
8. What is your favorite thing about having summers off?
I use my summer breaks to landscape, catch up on crafts, and enjoy reading books for pleasure. 
9. How do you spend your weekends during the school year?
Normally my weekends during the school year are spent writing lesson plans, updating my classroom facebook page, updating my classroom webpage, and spending time with my husband.
10. How do you unwind after a long day of school?
I carpool to school with 2 other girls, so usually our way of unwinding is talking about our day on the ride home. I also like to go for an evening run or visit the gym to get my mind off of "school life".
11. If you could time travel, what era/time period would you go to?
I would have loved to lived in the 1950's with poodle skirts, big hair, and dance parties!

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. In college, I was in a cadet in VWIL~ Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership, the only all-female corps of cadets in the world!2. I had perfect attendance Kindergarten-12th grade.3. I have traveled to France, Italy, Austria, Hungry, Mexico, and St. Lucia.4. I am extremely obsessive compulsive when it comes to everything being in the exact place where it belongs.5. Even though I did not go to Virginia Tech, I grew up in the area and am a Hokie fan!
6. I an obsessed with red and black. My wedding colors were red and black, my classroom is red and black. It's bad!7. One of my favorite television icons is Lucielle Ball. I enjoy watching the I Love Lucy show and have many of the episodes memorized.8. This school year will be my first full-year of being a Whole Brain Teacher. Last year, I began WBT in January. I am excited about starting this year off the WBT way!
9. I am an only child but am very close with my cousins. We grew up together and were always around each other.10. I have 3 kids (okay they're not kids but I treat them like they are): two german shepherd puppies, Zoe and Zega, and 1 domestic shorthaired cat, Scooter.11. My husband and I have the same middle and last initials: LBH and NBH (even before I got married).

Blogs That I'm Nominating:

My Questions:1. What is your favorite teaching book you've read and why?2. Who was your favorite teacher and what did they do so special that made an impact on your life?3. What is your favorite time of the year in the classroom?4. When you were a kid, what kind of student were you?5. What was your favorite dollar store/target find that you have used in your classroom?6. Do you have any special sayings that you say to your students throughout the day that they will remember you by when they are no longer in your classroom?7. If you could be an animal, who would you be and why?8. What is your favorite educational website/blog?9. Think back to your favorite artistic activity you have done with a previous class. What subject was it and was it successful?10. If you could meet any famous actress/actor/singer, who would it be and why? 11. What is one form of technology that you could use more help with and how do you want to use it in the classroom?

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