Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cool websites/Apps for use in the classroom

I posted this on July 11 but I'm linking up with Tune into Technology to help teachers use more technology in their classroom. Check out the other posts at ITeach1:1. There are great ideas of easy ways to help engage your students through their favorite thing: ipads, ipods, and computers!

Cool Websites/Apps for use in the classroom
These are just a few of the awesome websites and apps that I learned about at the Technology Conference. If you know any other great websites, please let me know :0)

Pics4learning.comI am completely guilty of taking images from google or other websites to use in my classroom. I did not know any other websites with great pictures. Now, I know of one which students can use in videos, powerpoints, etc. and they are free and copyright-friendly!

Songify: Free App that students can talk into the ipad/ipod and it will distort your voice.

Comic Touch: App to take photos with your ipad/ipod and add speech bubbles with captions. You can have kids label parts of a flower on a picture with the captions or make a dialogue with 2 characters in a picture. This makes cute photos funny!

Mobicip: A safe internet app that filters things for the classroom. The websites and images will be much safer for the classroom than google chrome, internet explorer, mozilla firefox, etc. Students can talk into the computer to create a mp3 of themselves. This is a website which will give you a link to your child's oral report or project. You can take any link and turn it into a QR code. This can be a website, a link to your student's mp3 voice recording, a picture, an answer to a math problem, whatever your heart desires.  

Prezi: A website and app that allows you to create a fun, movable PowerPoint presentation. Students would love this!
Dropbox: A free website or app that lets you save photos, docs, videos. You can access them anywhere and share them very easily!

Hootsite: An app that is a social media manager. It can link your facebook, twitter, and personal facebook pages to one app on your ipod/ipad/phone.

Remind101: Send your parents/students text messages about reminders of upcoming events. This saves you from having to give your parents your personal cell phone number. 

Voice Thread: This is a website and an app that students can use to summarize orally the chapter/story that they have read. You can share it and other students can comment on the project.

iMovie: An app ($4.99) that students can create a movie trailer or a movie project using photos and short video clips.

Videolicious: Another app (free) that students can use to create a movie project. This would be wonderful for an oral presentation, science project, etc. Many, many ideas!

Storybird: A website that allows students to create, read, and share visual stories. These are really amazing photos and copyright-safe images. Make the students books come to life and look professional.

Capzles: An easy, online timeline maker. With beautiful backgrounds, capzles allows students to embed photos from the web or personal photos onto their timeline. 

I would love to add to this list so if you know of any other amazing websites/apps for teachers to use in their classrooms, please let me know and I will add them to the list!
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