Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WBT Summer Book Study! Join Today!

With the 2012-2013 school year slowly coming to a close, yes I said slowly ( 3 and 1/2 days left), it is now time to begin my summer plans. Today, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids by Chris Biffle arrived in the mail. As I sat down on the couch to finish report cards, SOL cards, report card comments, and a 2nd grade slide show for Friday's awards assembly, I decided to stop and just read! I know, where are my priorities? Oh well, I can't help myself!  

At first glance, I saw that the book had very short chapters! Go Coach B! First step is to keep us engaged and 2-3 page chapters follows that brain research. I read 2 chapters in about 15 minutes, this even included taking the time to write down some quotes I liked. In chapters 1-2, here are the quotes that really stuck out to me:

  •  "We can't teach classes that won't listen" (p. 1). I'm guilty of saying this before and I've only been teaching for 6 years! Since I began WBT, this has not been a problem though. Students want me to say "Class", they want me to say "Teach" because it's FUN!
  • "Most challenging kids want to be part of the classroom environment; this is why they work so hard, and continuously, to get everyone's attention" (p. 2). All of my challenging students have been very smart. They watch me as I move around the classroom. They know when I am not looking or when I am working with another group of students and they use this time to misbehave.
  • Coach B followed this quote with my favorite quote of these 2 chapters, " If a student's whole brain is involved in learning, there isn't any mental area left over for challenging behavior" (p. 2). Genius right! Just get them moving and involved and they can't think of ways to misbehave.
  • Last, but not least, "The longer we talk, the more students we lose" (p. 6). I have always known that a child's attention span is +/- 2 years of their age. My students attention span should be 6-10 minutes. I used to teach for 15-20 minutes at a time, asking questions along the way. Now, with WBT, I teach for maybe 3 minutes. During these 3 minutes, my students are mirroring me with or without words. They are engaged!

Does this sound wonderful to you? If you would like to learn more, please visit the Whole Brain Teaching website. The summer book study has just begun so don't think it's too late. Order the book from amazon here, join our Whole Brain Teaching Book Study blog, and hold on tight! Your teaching style and classroom environment will never be the same.