Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preventing the Summer Slip

The last week of school, I sent home a newsletter full of free, fun opportunities for parents to do with their child this summer. Many of these were provided by the local public library. One thing that scares me, as I'm sure it scares many of you, is the Summer Slip, which can be called many things; Summer Slide, Summer Regression, etc. It has been proven that children who do not read at all over the summer, will return to school in the fall below their spring reading level. I am really trying to prevent this!

1. Local libraries have Summer Reading programs. Our local library's, Salem Public Library, summer reading program is called Dig into Reading. To earn prizes:
    -Read 300 minutes (5 hours) for the level one prize
    -Read an additional 300 minutes for the level two prize
    -Read another 300 minutes for the level three prize.

2. I found the Scholastic Summer Challenge. Scholastic Summer Challenge is great! It allows teachers to set up their class for the year and they can track their reading daily. Each class has a goal to read. Very very easy! Once students track their minutes, they can earn prizes too! Check it out!
Summer Reading Challenge
3. Barnes and Noble Summer Reading is easy too! The kids can track the same book they read online on their paper. They only have to read 8 books. Then, students take their form to a Barnes and Noble store and they can earn a free book.                  
Step 1: Read any 8 books and record them in the Reading Journal (PDF). They have these in English and Spanish.
Step 2: Bring the completed Reading Journal to your local B&N store. Find a Store.
Step 3: Choose a FREE BOOK from their selection on the Reading Journal list at the store

4. American girl's Read-a-palooza has events in their store for girls who love reading their American Girl books. If you have a store near you, this would be great to post on your website. Unfortunately, we do not :0(


5. Chuck-e-Cheese provides students free tokens on their next visit to Chuck E. Cheese's if they print out a rewards calendar. All students have to do is mark the days off with a pen or a sticker as they complete their goals. They bring in the completed calendars to Chuck E. cheese's and receive 10 free tokens as a reward.

                                          Reading rewards calendar

6. Pottery Barn Kids- Free Story time for kids on Tuesday's at 11:00. If you attend, you get a passport. Once you attend 5 story times, you get a free gift. They also have a summer reading program from May 16-August 26. Students must read the books included in their summer story time. Children will receive a prize once they finish. They will also be entered to win a book bag full of books.The list of books is located here
Good luck reading! Let's prevent that Summer Slip, Summer Slide, or whatever it is called!


  1. Laken -- This is awesome! I'm also using the Reading Rainbow app for our Kindle Fires. For every book the kids read, they earn a "sticker" that they can place on the virtual island. Also, it gives me a list of everything they read.

  2. I love all of these ideas! It will be fun to encourage each other this year as we both implement WBT in 2nd grade! :)
    Whole Brain Teaching With Style

  3. great ideas! I followed you as promised. You have some great posts. and you were right once I saw WBT I was in love. It's one reason I couldn't stay away from teaching too long.


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