Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Power Pix Time!

How many of you have little display areas in your classroom? 

1 only have 2 bulletin boards :0(

Left Bulletin Board: I used for Calendar/Special Area Schedule
Right Bulletin Board: I used for Student Jobs
This school year: I am moving the jobs above the calendar on the left bulletin board. The right bulletin board is going to be where I put my Super Improver Team! I can't wait!

On right: I hot glued some fabric in the back of the room on the concrete wall so I would have a pretend bulletin board. I used this display posters or information we are learning about. Along the back set of cabinets, I had a Math Word Wall. Not pictured: on the cabinets to the left side of the picture, I had my Word Wall (Dolche spelling words for K, 1, and 2).Boy how things are going to change this year! This year: instead of using these Dolche words and Math word walls, I am placing my Whole Brain Teaching Power Pix for Language Arts and Math. But to do this, I had to downsize the Power Pix because I just don't have enough room for a whole 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper for each Power Pix. 

I am going through my To-Do list for the summer and downsizing the Power Pix has been on there since March! Can you tell it was something that I just did not want to do. 1- It is time consuming to copy and paste from a PDF file to a Word Document. 2- Then, I am so OCD that I have to make sure all the Power Pix are the same size.

Today, I told myself to just do it!'s complete! Each 8 1/2 x 11 page now has 2 Power Pix. This is much more manageable for the amount of space that I have in my classroom.  I have uploaded them to my Teachers Pay Teachers page since all WBT supplies are free.....Enjoy!
Click Power Pix above for 2nd Grade Language Arts Downsized Power Pix packet

Click Power Pix above for 2nd Grade Math Downsized Power Pix

Below are some great Power Pix displays! I hope mine will look as nice as these! Click on the images to go to their blogs.

Nancy Stoltenberg, a 2nd grade WBT in California has a great post with pictures about PowerPix!

Mrs. Smith, over at Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade Camping out with WBT, has her Camping Themed Power Pix wall. 

Whole Brain Teaching
Pintreelia has created a Froggy WBT Power Pix display packet over at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Pintrellia motivated me to created my own ladybug themed WBT Power Pix. Thank you! Boy, do I wish I knew how to make cute ladybug clip art!

Whole Brain Teaching
Pintreelia also posted a photo of her old Power Pix wall.

These photos make me want to get into my classroom and get the design up and going. Too bad I can't get into my classroom until Teacher Work Week because of Summer School and the custodians buffing our floor. Oh well, for now, it's all in my head!

The next thing on my To-Do list is to begin creating Science and Social Studies Power Pix. In Virginia, we do not follow Common Core yet, but I have a feeling in a few years, we will be doing the same thing. Instead we teach the Virginia SOLs. If anyone has already created some Power Pix for Social Studies and Science in Second grade, please let me know and I can tag-team the remainder of them with you!
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