Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yippee!! It's Crazy Professor Reading Game Time

Tomorrow is the big reveal day! On Friday, I told my students they were going to be doing more college work next week. They couldn't stop talking about what Coach B was going to be bringing into our classroom. Many of them said, "Maybe we'll do more sentence work" and "I like it when Coach B shows us stuff!"

I am so excited about tomorrow! When I arrive tomorrow, I'm going to write CPRG on the board and just listen to hear what the students think it stands for. Once the time arrives, I will write the words: Crazy P Reading G and see if they can guess it from there. I have created a Power Point to introduce the Crazy Professor Reading Game to my class which will help explain how to play the game. It will help prompt me as well since this is my first time playing.

I already have my students seated boy, girl and high, low so this part of the game will be very easy. I can just tell them to work with their normal partner. To make things easier for the students as well, we are going to be using our reading story from last week, "The Dog that Dug for Dinosaurs". I thought about using this week's story but we are not doing a story because my students are going swimming and on a field trip so busy week for us.

I am also going to skip the silent skimming and silent rereading stage tomorrow because we are going to be very short on time. Once the students get the hang of it tomorrow, the next time we play, I will add these two components into the picture. Visit here to go to my Power Point on the Crazy Professor Reading Game. Wish  me luck!

If you would like to find out more information about how to play the Crazy Professor Reading Game, visit the WBT website here or watch Coach's webcast to hear an in-depth description of the game.