Friday, May 17, 2013

WBT Introduction Video which gave me some great ideas!

After doing my first video of the introduction to the Crazy Professor Game, Mrs. Stoltenberg has given me some great suggestions! I tell people all the time that I have an ACTIVE group of 2nd graders but I don't think people realize until they see it! The ball seats do add some action to the classroom atmosphere as well but they are actually very helpful.

I saw on the WBT facebook sight today an introduction video of WBT. Karly Macaleese, a rising WBT All star created a video of her introduction to WBT in her classroom. Yes, I have already introdcued WBT into my classroom but I love seeing how other teachers use WBT. Here are a couple of things I will be adding to my classroom WBT environment that I got from her video:

1. I love how she has a scoreboard around her neck! I'm so doing this starting next week! This way, the students don't know when to really listen up for Class.
2. I love how when she says "Class" her students immediately sit down. My students just stop but this is going to change Monday morning at 8:20!
3. Mirror: when she says mirror, her students stand up!
4. Partner talking: 1 stands up and the other sits down. Then they slap hands and switch.
             -I have had students partner talking and then when I walk by, they say they are finished teaching. To improve this, I am going to take Karly's strategy of teaching and repeating. Plus, this gets students up and down, which helps with the focusing!

Click here to watch Karly's video! I highly recommend watching Karly's video to get an idea of a GREAT introduction to WBT! Ten finger woo with sizzles Karly!