Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super Improvers Team & Clip Chart Combo is on my mind!

Hello fellow Wibbetters! I have finalized my Super Improvers Wall for next year thought I had my SIT finalized for next year back in May. So far this summer I have not been happy with what I came up with as to how to combine my SIT with my school's clip chart. Since we all use the same clip chart, I knew that I could not create my own SIT Clip chart. This is what our clip chart looks like (except our bottom is Contact Parent and it is Red):
I did however find Stephanie's great post about combining the SIT with the clip chart. Take a look!

As you can tell from the blog design, my classroom is Ladybug themed. I posted a few weeks ago about the dilemma I was having as to labeling each level of the Super Improvers Wall. Many people commented and gave great suggestions. With everyone's help, here is what I have come up with.

My ladybug themed Super Improvers Wall (click to download free from TPT)

The Levels I decided to go with are....drum roll please!

My idea to combine the SIT with the Clip chart

Each student will start the year with a white ladybug and a white clip on the clip chart.

 At the beginning of each day, students start on Ready to Learn. Each day a student's clip makes it to Outstanding, they will earn a ladybug spot on the SIT. As they earn "ladybug spots", they will color in their black spot on their bug. When this happens, the class will give a "woo". Once they earn 10 spots, students will GLITTER their white clip with white glitter and take home their white ladybug! 

Now, instead of a white clip on the clip chart, they will have a red clip and a red ladybug on the SIT. This will continue all the way up the levels. 

What do you think? 

Rewards for SIT and Practice Cards

I am still working on the rewards for each level as well as how to incorporate the Practice Cards with Clip Chart. I am thinking of putting the pictures with the levels, similar to what I have seen in other WBT blogs. As for the practice cards, I am thinking if a student gets on Orange, they will receive a White practice card for the rule they break. This gives them one warning before the actual practice during recess. Anyone have any ideas about this?

Want to learn about the Super Improvers Team?

If you are questioning the SIT, visit Coach B's video that explains BEAUTIFULLY what each level should be and how to start your own Super Improvers Team.