Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sewing accent pillow covers

I have a beach themed living room and the accent pillows cannot be washed! Pooey! Instead of buying new pillows, I wanted to figure out a way to sew pillow covers for these pillows. That way, I can take them off and wash them. 2 German shepherd dogs + accent pillows= dirt! My mother-in-law came into town and was willing to help me figure out how to do this. Keep in mind...I am a beginning sewer. This is only my 4th project! Here are the directions of our project! 

Pictures will be added when I make the last 2 pillows. FYI, my mother-in-law was here for the first 2 pillows. We shall see if the 2nd two pillows look as good since I am making them alone.

1. Determine the dimensions of your pillow and then add a quarter inch to half inch to the length and width (x2).

2. Measure out your fabric marking with a pencil of the dimensions to cut.

3. Cut out the top cover with scissors.  Set the top piece aside.

4. Measure in 1/2" from cutting edge and trace along the cut line with a pencil (this will give you a guide when sewing).
Cut out the bottom cover, adding six inches to the length to take care of your overlapping opening in the back.

5. Measure in 1/2 " from cutting edge and trace along the cut line with a pencil.

6. Fold the bottom piece in half, ironing down the seam so that you cut in a straight line.

7. Measure out 1/2" on the bottom of the back cover and iron down.

8. Then measure out 1 1/2", folding under the 1/2 " press.  Iron down

9. Repeat this process with the second bottom piece only fold down the top of the material.

***You don't have to worry about whether you fold down the top or bottom of the second piece if you are following a pattern in the material.

10. Sew down the seams on both pieces.

11. Laying the two back covers face up, overlap one over the other making sure that the two folded and sewn sections are lying horizontally to each other. Pin the two sections together and then sew a seam (and then sew over it another two times) along the cut line where the fabric overlaps.

12. Now, leaving the bottom covers face up, position the top cover (face down) on top making sure the overlap is in the middle of the top cover. Pin the fabrics together.

13. Take a quarter and trace the rounded edge in the corners where your sew line meets. Sew the two sides together.

14. Take  your scissors and cut the corners dog eared.

15. Now go back and sew over the two overlap sections along the sew line.

16. At the ironing board, fold down the inner head on the side up and iron down. Flip the pillow over and do the same.

Pillow is done!