Saturday, May 11, 2013

HELP! Super Improver Wall Wanted!!!

I have seen so many AWESOME Super Improver Walls on other WBT websites. This is my 5th month doing WBT in my classroom and I have a strong desire to build my own Super Improver Wall but I don't know where to begin. My entire grade-level, and almost my entire school, uses the clip chart system for behavior, pictured below.

All students start the day on Ready to Learn. Throughout the day, they move their clip up and down based on their behavior. Once a week, if they make it to outstanding, they get a stripe on their clip. They can only earn 1 stripe a week. When they get 6 stripes (1 for each week in the 6 weeks grading schedule), they get to glitter their clip and move up to the next color clip. We start students with a red clip and hopefully they will make it to a pink clip by the end of the year.

So here's my dilemma  How do I continue to use the clip chart system and incorporate the Super Improver Wall? I really want to begin my Super Improver Wall in the Fall but I am just a little worried that this will confuse the students with the clip chart system and with the Super Improver positive wall system. Any suggestions?

My classroom is ladybug themed to the max. I would like to continue the Ladybug Theme with my super improver wall. Here are some wonderful SIW that I have found by blog hopping:

I really liked reading Lauren De Wees post because her school uses the Behavior Clip Chart as well! Thanks Lauren for your post!

So now is where I need help from other Wibbetters! Please help me come up with some names for my levels on the Super Improver Wall! My ENTIRE classroom is ladybug themed so I want to continue the theme into my Super Improver Wall but I cannot think of what each level should be called.