Sunday, May 26, 2013

2nd attempt at a video but a ways to go! WBT Video on Calendars

This is the 2nd video I've created using WBT strategies. The first one, let's just be blunt, was a little rough. I did not practice and explain to students my expectations. I video taped myself introducing The Crazy Professor Reading Game and they were EXCITED!

This time....MUCH BETTER! I followed the 5-step lesson plans. I am introducing Calendars with my second graders in this video. My class has ball seats so it was recommended to video tape on the carpet.
I was so happy it worked well!

There are some things that I am going to work on next time but I wanted to share with everyone to show that yes, people don't start out as experts off the bat. Please let me know your suggestions. I would love to hear how I can improve.