Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oral Writing Webcast

Last night, I tuned into the Whole Brain Teaching Webcast 552. Here were some of the things that really hit my pre-frontal cortex:

I have many students who are so into WBT now that they would rather teach with their neighbors instead of listen to me teaching. The Scoreboard is an “Okay” thing now so I’ve been thinking of ways to increase the motivation with this. Through the comments of this webcast, a person mentioned a pirate themed scoreboard, and if they get points, they say “Ahoy Matey!” If they don’t get points, the students will say ,”Arggg!”I love this and will think of more creative ways to increase motivation the scoreboard.

I have been thinking of fun ways to say Class-Yes and someone mentioned “Class KaBlooey, Yes KaBlooey” . Coach in his oral writing presentation had “Class-a-Ding-Dong!” I did not realize it could be this easy to think of creative ways to say class. After the students get a point on the scoreboard, I have been saying One minute reward but I have not begun to use the Ten Finger Woo on que. They have been clapping and saying “Oh Yeah” but I am going to begin incorporating the Ten Finger Woo into my classroom rewards on que. Someone even mentioned the Ten Finger Woo with Fireworks in the comments.

Since I am still new to the WBT instruction, I have a tendency to talk too long. A fellow WBT teacher said to set timer so I don’t talk too much! I love this Idea! I have always used the thumbs up, thumbs down strategy to determining if students understand and whether or not they are paying attention. I learned tonight more about the “QT” testing strategy.  I like that students will not be looking around the room during this time so I can get a more accurate measure of student understanding. It’s easy too….no writing to grade!

During the Oral Writing Presentation, I have learned how important it is to repeat, repeat, repeat. I am so excited about introducing my students to Oral writing tomorrow! We do so much writing in 4-square style and I can transfer this into Triple Wammy! This is going to making writing so fun for them! We do an hour writing block on Tuesday’s so this lesson will be very influential for my second graders. Next year, this will be my first lesson for my 2nd graders instead of beginning mid-year.  Once they write, they can definitely use this color coding of their writing.

I was so excited to be observing the chat occurring between Whole brain teachers that I had a hard time following what Coach was saying in his webcast. I had to go back to the video and watch what was he recommended again and boy am I glad that this happened! After re-watching the video, I tried to implement the Oral writing file in my classroom. We spend 45 minutes discussing what a noun, verb, topic sentence, etc. are and how to use them. My students were so excited to act out the gestures. Two weeks later, my students still are able to act out what a noun is when I say "Noun!" I do think their favorite thing to do is "eeee" to show a period at the end of a sentence.  Please watch Coach's webcast to help force students to always answer your questions in complete sentences.