Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photos of my classroom

Some people call me the OCD but I just believe that an organized classroom runs smoother than a messy classroom. I love to display student work and I only put things on my walls that are useful to the students. Some teachers can't come into my classroom because they say it is too overwhelming. I do have ADHD students, and yes my classroom is DECORATED, but I see my students throughout the day looking at the Word Wall, the Caterpillar Number Line, or the SS/Science Bulletin board for reminders. I hope you enjoy!
This is my classroom library. I now have 2 rugs so there is no floor showing. Each book bin is labeled by topic. The bins are numbered and the corresponding number is written on a circular label on each book. Yes, it took me ALL summer but it is so easy for the students to return the books themselves.

We follow the Daily 5 so this is the Word Station. The crate seats are perfect for all students and teachers. I can sit, stand, and even jump on these crate seats. I plan to store center folders in here next year! 

In August, here was the view of my classroom from the doorway. I had sewed the chair covers and loved the extra storage for the desks. I do not allow students to keep any loose items in their desks: scissors, crayons, glue sticks, colored pencils, expo markers, etc. These items are all stored in the table tubs. Now, we have orange ball seats instead of chairs. I will try to take a picture of these ball seats and post to show the difference! They are BRIGHT!

Each week, 12 of my students have a job. These jobs range from Table leader, bathroom monitor, pencil sharpener, hand sanitizer giver, line leader, etc. This board takes up a lot of room and next year, I will make this smaller. For now, it looks nice and neat. I LOVE the scrunch boarder too instead of regular store bought border. 

 Outside my classroom, this is the display. Each box has a student's name written on the green strip. I clip new student artwork or writing on these to show the Ladybug Club Masterpieces. So much easier than stapling or using push pins.

This was the view from the back of my classroom in the Fall. Each student has a cubby. The black and red circles are a number line. I move an arrow each day to count the days of the school year. The students use this as a reference for the numbers. j

In September, this was the view from the back of my classroom looking to the front. I am so grateful to have a Smartboard. It is only off at night....I love it! The stars hanging go with the Clip Chart system. We have a reward system and students get to glitter their clip each color of the chart once they get 6 stripes. They can earn 1 stripe each week for being on outstanding. The clip chart is such a positive reward system. 

My students are welcomed each day to their ladybug door!

As you can see, my room is FULL of color. Since we are the Ladybug Club, it is mainly Black and Red but there is not much empty space. I will take more updated pictures soon!