Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let the blogging begin!

Well here it goes...this is my first blog and I'm very nervous but excited about this experience. I have a very active classroom this year. I was getting very frustrated in the Fall trying to keep the attention of my very distracted students. I decided to apply for a grant on donorschoose to get a class set of ball seats. These are so helpful! I was afraid these stability balls would not solve my problem so I searched the internet and came across WBT. All over Christmas Break, I researched WBT and fell in love! Being a obsessive compulsive, overly organized teacher has always allowed me to be in charge of my classroom. I was worried that WBT would change this. After Christmas break, I told my students that we were going to begin using all of our brain when we learn. They were so excited and went home telling their parents, "my teacher makes us use our brain and it's fun!" After using WBT for 4 months now, I have learned that I am broadening my teaching style from always teaching to teaching a small portion of a lesson and having students partner talk/teach each other and discuss what they are learning. I am hooked!