Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hands and Eyes Really Works

How many of you used to get your classes attention by doing hand clapping patterns or 1, 2, 3, Eyes on Me? I am guilty of doing this strategies and I thought they worked but boy was I wrong. After beginning my WBT journey, I have completely changed my teaching strategy. Now, if I want to get my classes attention, all I have to say is "Class" and they will respond with "Yes". To help further this learning, Coach B has created Hands and Eyes. This is the fifth step in the Big 7 strategies of WBT which is used as a major focuser. Here is how hands and eyes works:

Teacher: "Classity Class Class"
Class: "Yessity Yes Yes"
Teacher: clasping her hands together says "Hands and Eyes"
Class: crossing their hands and looking at the teacher says "Hands and Eyes"
Now the teacher can make a big point to the class. Coach B recommends using Hands and Eyes as a way of introducing the objective for the day. must be short. For example:

Teacher: "Today, we are going to learn about nouns." Clap, Clap, "Teach"
Class: Clap, Clap, "Okay". With their partner, they will turn and tell talk about what the teacher just said, that today we are going to learn about nouns.

So instead of a teacher standing up front and trying to put emphasis on what is important for the day, he/she can just say Hands and Eyes and then the class will be able to listen closely to the big point and repeat it to their partner. Effective teaching? I think so!

If you would like to find out more information about Hands and Eyes, please visit the WBT website at

Want more help? Watch Coach's Webcast above which really helped explain how Hands and Eyes can focus all classes!