Monday, April 29, 2013


Are you asking, "What is this stuff people are talking about called Class-yes?"

“Class”-“Yes” is the best attention grabber I have ever seen! Never again will you have to say 1, 2, 3, eyes on me or do a hand clapping pattern. Even after only doing this for 4 months, my students are motivated by this strategy. I can quietly say Class or loudly say class, it doesn't matter. If 1 child hears me, the others will join in. If not, I'll say class again! With WBT and Class-Yes, students are always ready and listening with their brains because they know, at some quick moment, I am going to be saying class.

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Want to know more? Here's how it works...The teacher says “Class”, in any vocal intonation or musical style, to get the class’s attention. After hearing “Class”, the class must respond with “Yes” with the same vocal intonation or musical style. Students are always ready and listening with their brains because they know, at some quick moment, I  am going to be saying class. With WBT, the teacher is not teaching for long periods of time. Therefore, once the students are teaching, they are not teaching each other for long periods of time either which reminds them to always be listening for when their teacher is going to say class. I am the only teacher in my school that uses the “Class”-“Yes” strategy but many teachers see/hear Class-Yes and want to know more because I NEVER have to discipline a child for acting out.Evaluation: After using Class-Yes for 4 months now, I have really become creative with how I say "Class." It does not matter if I am really loud or really quiet, my students are multi-tasking by talking with their partner and then listening for my "Class." I now have forgotten about all the other attention grabbers. No more hand clapping, voice raising, cutesy sayings for this teacher. If my students are partner talking, in small groups, whole group, or in stations, they immediately respond to Class-Yes! I never have to use any other attention grabber to get my students to be quiet and listen. My class now says that they really listen so they can beat me on the WBT Scoreboard. I am motivated to eventually have my entire class using Class-Yes because this will be beneficial to get the school's attention at assemblies, on fiend trips, and during presentations.

Still interested? Of course you are!Visit WBT at this link to find out more about WBT and Class-Yes focuser strategy. Coach's webcast can get you motivated. I PROMISE you, watch this video and you will be hooked!